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Owner/Executive Producer Michael Lemieux of Create A Video has been at his current location, 101 N Main St., Crystal Lake, for the past 7 years. Create A Video offers a complete line of Audio and Video service with 50% of their work done for the general public and 50% for the business community. "Our company is the only one we know of that can accommodate a fast turn around, get the finished product done the way our clients want it, and then get that product back in their hands as fast as we do," Lemieux said. "We really appreciate having Fuhler Properties as our landlord. If a problem comes up they take care of it immediately. They also do a great job with upkeep of the building and do upgrades to the aesthetics of the building which really shows they care."

Cedar Ridge
Dr. David Rocks of Advanced Eye Care has had a great experience leasing office space from Fuhler Properties. "They are great landlords. If I ever have a problem or concern, they have it taken care of within 24 hours," Dr. Rocks said. "It is one of the nice things about renting from a local owner rather than some big conglomerate. If I need to speak with them, they're right there for me to talk to. The Fuhlers are really very helpful people." Dr. Rocks is a family focused practice dealing with surgical care all the way down through contact lenses and glasses for adults and children.
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